Colin Falconer

My gear

Over the years I've had a few guitars and amplifiers.  (I've still got the ones marked in bold )  Here are some of them:



  • Florida steel strung acoustic (my first guitar)
  • Futurama III
  • Harmony H77
  • Gibson L4 1945 (archtop F-hole with Oscar Moore pick up)
  • Gibson L7 (archtop/f holes)
  • Gibson Byrdland (loaned to me for several years by Selmer Music)
  • Gibson SJ Southerner
  • Gibson 175 (Herb Ellis model)
  • U.S. Fender telecaster
  • U.S. Guild OM cutaway (adirondack top)
  • Lyons & Healy parlour acoustic steel string (adi top, circa 1912)
  • Tonalic parlour acoustic steel string (1937)
  • Carmelo Consoli acoustic (strung for Nashville tuning)
  • Washburn Centenary model steel string dreadnought
  • C.F. Martin Stinger (heavily modified solid body - brilliant)
  • Tanglewood TW45 (cedar top)
  • Ibanez Artcore Jazz guitar
  • U.S. Larrivee PV-09E parlour guitar w/cutaway
  • Gibson L-4 1933 archtop/round hole* (Just love the old woody sound)


  • Several Classical guitars, an unbranded 12 string jumbo, a Yamaha organ etc. etc.
  • Old mandolin banjo converted to solid top mandolin by Peter Morgan
  • JMG ukulele (an arched top beauty)
  • A prima domra (Russian instrument)
  • Hohner Chromatic harmonica and several blues harps
  • Suzuki Chromatix harmonica
  • Kalimba (African thumb piano)
  • Lag Tenor ukulele
  • Godin Multiuke
  • Selmer 30w
  • Selmer 60w
  • Ampeg
  • Fender Twin Reverb 100w (two of them)
  • Fender Super 6 100w
  • Fender Combo Amp 30w (with built in radio receiver)
  • AER Compact 60
  • Roland AC33 battery/mains amp


  • Cry baby Wah
  • Shure mike
  • Shure wireless guitar system
  • Radio mike
  • Boss pedal tuner
  • Several clip on tuners
  • Various mike stands, music stands etc.
  • Claves*, Guiros, Tambourine etc.


tons and tons of music books, strings, plectrums, bottlenecks.

The only guitar gadget I've never used (and I don't want one) is a capo.


Wow! I surprised myself when making this list.  But, I bet there are tons of other professional guitarists out there who could make this list pale in comparison with the gear they've bought over the years.