Colin Falconer


Trust me: If you want to learn guitar quickly, and at the cheapest price, the internet is the way to go.

For a small fraction of what you'd pay a private guitar tutor you can learn guitar from some of the brilliant guitar tuition videos on the internet. 

Forget the free ones:  They're far too basic and have no proper structure . Consequently, they lead you up blind alleys (you know what I mean: they teach you a few things but there is no logical path to follow if you want to progress).  

I've been doing my homework and have researched dozens of guitar tuition websites.  Most are rubbish, but I finally boiled it down one which I highly recommended, it has good reviews, and I think it will offer you the best structured guitar lessons.

So, if you're prepared to part with a few dollars, and put in some time practicing, this site will get you there quicker, and way cheaper, than private lessons.

Here's a sample of some of the lessons available from Jamplay (the world's largest guitar tuition website).

Be prepared to be knocked out ;-)


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