Colin Falconer


The 'Grace'

From the outside, the Grace Emily Hotel in Weymouth Street seems like any other City pub (except that it's got a flying saucer on the roof);  But, open the doors any Monday Night and everything changes:  It's packed.  When I say 'packed' I mean you have to squeeze your way through the crowds towards the back of the hotel.  You'll know what to expect before you actually get to the back room: Live music.  But not your sanitized type of music.  This is raw, it's exciting, and it's changing all the time.  The bands and soloists who play at the Grace Emily are primarily young with a few old timers adding their talents to the blackboard concert.

The formula is:  Each act plays three numbers (sometimes four if the crowd want more).  Any act which want to perform simply puts their name down on a list and gets called up when it's their turn.  Get on stage and you'll also be rewarded with beer tokens.

But there's more:  At elevenish they start up Billy Bob's Barbeque in the rear courtyard.  And, for a gold coin donation, you can enjoy snag sandwiches.

It's loud, it's packed, it's the bestest fun you'll have on a Monday night and it's absolutely free.

One of the big bonuses is that top bands, singers and musicians (often touring acts) know this is the place to hang out and occasionally  get up and perform.

Don't miss it.  It's a must-see.