Colin Falconer

Hi again!

I seldom read emails, so the only way to contact me is by phone or in person.

My phone number is: 

0412 077 909

But please don't ring before midday. - I keep muso's hours.


The time in Adelaide is:

Oh yes! After yet another wrong phone call from a woman looking for the writer Colin Falconer aka Mark D'Abranville aka Colin Bowles, I must point out that I'm not him. I believe his real name is Colin Bowles, his website is: and, if you do manage to contact him, can you kindly ask him to use his real name when chatting to women, I'm kinda getting fed up with women wrongly phoning or sms'ing me. (about a year ago I had a long sms from a woman in Perth who was obviously upset and I felt so sorry for her I ended up phoning her to reassure her that it wasn't me) No, I don't know his marital status, his phone number or any other way to contact him. If you do know his phone number can you sms it to me and I'll simply post it on this site to enable people to contact him.

Some of this name confusion might be attributed to the fact I also write. I've written music tuition books for over fifty years under my own name, and had short stories published under the name C J Falconer. It could be further confused as we both come from London, now live in Australia, drove taxi's in the past. wrote articles in publications and play guitar. BUT I'm definitely not Colin Bowles.

PS. If Colin Bowles is reading this, can you simply let me know your telephone number and I'll just put your contact details on this site so I needn't include the long explanation above.